Explosion of thoughts

There is this epiphany in my head that I feel I'd forget if I don't write them, thought this is the best place.

I think the world we live in today is very pessimistic, we look at the dark sides of life, when we talk about the world today, people would bring in pollution, abortion, terrorism and crazy predictions about apocalypse in 20 years when meteorologists fail to give you weather prediction for tomorrow.

People are no longer accustomed to think, they are just not used to thinking anymore. Seriously like what you do everyday, you could almost do all of them without much thinking, even problems you "might" face, you could just throw in formulas or logics you have been taught in College and have the easy way out. That is why people are very susceptible to nonsensical rumours spread over. There are people who said I live with a cynical mind. I'd call it scepticism for the better. I am prepared at all times not to accept anything. So as I don't accept the conspiracies of Vietnam war and how Neil Armstrong never landed on moon.

Why do we look at problems and problems alone. People think I act kiddish at times. I do it because in the world today we can, we are free to think and do so much more than what we used to compared to 40 years ago. As you come to think of it, a lot of stuff we currently have are impossible if we were born 30 years earlier. People are never satisfied, you take good things you have for granted and get used to things you suffer from. This idea practically made the dream of "better life" a joke.

People want cleaner air, but do you really want it? Do you think you can handle the costs of going green...? You might not be flying as frequent and as economically. You might have to give up your car. You might have to pay more for steaks, since they are not technically "green" poultry.

A lot of people think the world is becoming a worse place day by day, I think the world never changed, it is people that made world a problem than a place to reside.

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