Melbourne, not my cup of latte?


I never thought I’d post this lousy photo, pardon me for the crappy photo. Just that I can see myself and my friends in the photo, I see someone in deep thought, I see Melbourne, and I see almost everything that I am struggling in.

Been in a brainstorm I never thought I’d be in, since I visited Australia as a kid I thought I saw the place I’m gonna be living at. I see a whole different world… Nothing in Australia seemed unpleasant, except Adelaide and Canberra. Then again, that was when I haven’t got values deeply planted in my head.

And then something changed. I saw parents aging and my grandmother who I thought would live for at least a century, passed away. This thought flashed through my head, I want to be there for their times they need me. I’m very likely trading my dream for this. It is something simplistic, but it is what you could ever ask for, at least in the Asian context that is.

Question is, am I a coward to face unemployment in Melbourne, or a weakling who doesn’t want to face the more stressful life in Singapore. The only thing I know now is that, no matter which I opt for, there is no turning back…

I reminded myself the butterfly effect, I thought of what I decide today, could affect my future for the better or worse. So I told myself that I’d be 21, old enough to watch my steps and not crush on any butterflies unnecessarily, I know any step hereon are important enough to affect my hundred of years ahead.

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