At the dawn of life


A family friend passed away last night. He had people who cared for him, yet he died on bed not having anyone at the bedside. After months and months of chemotherapy.

It is not too much to say he was more than a brother to my grandfather. Imagine having a friend for 70 years.

Death, you don’t make sense. We know we have to face it one day, so inevitable yet we refuse to accept. I always thought as much as it is a natural part of the cycle of life, it is just not the baby shower, not 21st birthday, not the wedding.

It is not you who left the world, it is about the people you have left behind in this world…

Perhaps death is more saddening for people around you, than it is to yourself who left without worries.


taniatrestya said...

when my grandaunt passed away, i really wished i could stop the time so that people won't grow old and die :'(

TW said...

I felt the same too... but i guess it puts an end to suffering