My chowchow


I love my dogs. It never failed to baffle me simply looking at the photo taken when they were new born and what they are today, from tiny frail creatures until the brave and strong companions of today.

I really see myself keeping a Husky in the future!

New year doesn’t mean much to me, at least not as much as normal people I know. I only know in 2 months I will be back in University rushing through mundane assignments.

Being back home… makes me so fallen, so lazy. When was the last time I woke up in time to jog.


LoveGoesAroundComesAround said...

Blue-tongue Chow Chow :)

Looking a bit "emo" leh... :P

TW said...

blue purple-ish?:D he is very brave n strong but he curls up like this when nothing is happening and everyone is home, quite hard to capture tho!