Officially screwed

On 3rd of November I received this email.

Your enquiry has been received by the Faculty of Business and Economics Student Administration office on the Caulfield campus.
Your enquiry will be responded to as soon as possible.  Please note that during peak periods, response time for an email is within 3-5 working days.

Thank you for your patience whilst the Faculty responds to your enquiry.
Kind regards,
Student Services

On 9th of November I got this…

Dear Student
This email is to advise that your application to study AFF units at Caulfield in 2010 will be assessed after the  enrolment closing date.
(which is by the way 26th of November)
We will advise you by email as to the outcome of your application.

And today…

We have no record of your original request to study at Caulfield.
Elizabeth is no longer in this office. Please resend the details of the
enrolment that you wish to study next year at Caulfield and it will be
assessed next Tuesday.
Faculty of Business and Economics
Berwick campus

What the hell? Not only that I submitted my form on first day of them accepting enrolment. I went to office and personally asked for an update on progress. Now All I got is this? I even check my Monash mail a few times a day just to make sure I did not miss anything.

I take it as a confirmation that I should not do my masters with Monash, and take it as I should not even stay in Melbourne. Melbourne has been crazy to me.

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