Season’s greeting

Guess how I spent my Christmas eve?

Coming back home… is almost like hitting yourself back to square one. Back to the fallen days, it is late and I just sometimes refuse to go home, and face a computer like I do now. Or you could say I am in self denial, I do not want to admit that I do not have as much friends as people thought.

And when you feel like having a swing at someone, you drive 10 K’s to the nearest driving range and make it into something fruitful. A lot of people have been telling me it is an old men’s sport but I think it is still a better sport than stereotyping. It really feels good to discover how letting out all you have, is not by brute force on it.

I saw my photos, I think most of them are horrible, I seriously don’t know how you guys could stand my photos. Thanks to you guys, really. They are so lousy I could hardly justify an upgrade for myself now.

I got to meet a lot of friends, seeing them… different from what I am. They got one thing that set apart from myself, commitments. A lot of them are either married, about to marry or as good as married. Damn, it makes me look like a kid in front of them.


qiannqiann^^ said...

happy Christmas! :-)
Not sure how a really good photo looks like, but yours one looks good to me! i like! ♥ ♥ hmm it do have some kind of warm , connection and inspiration feeling when looking at your photo!

Go go theng wei! xD

TW said...

thanks! that's some real encouragement, must be having ur hols ya!