Thomas Listen. Listen


There are times when life calls out for a change. A transition. Like the seasons. Our spring was wonderful, but summer is over now and we missed out on autumn. And now all of a sudden, it's cold, so cold that everything, everything is freezing over. Our love fell asleep, and the snow took it by surprise. But if you fall asleep in the snow, you don't feel death coming. Take care

Shamelessly quoted from Paris, je’taime… On a lousy channel nobody talks about much… on a lousy time slot only losers like me stays by idiot box… That was what I came across, literally… heart wrenchingly beautiful. It is more than a hint to what I want to watch next. The quote couldn’t do much justice to the original piece.

I really hope I can still get the 5D Classic, I took the photo above using one, it was a camera I truly missed. Back then… things were a lot different for me I guess.

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