Cause we’all could use a little bit of music


I’m deeply challenged by this assignment, after years and years in this course, this is definitely the toughest for me, it sucks to know that you are facing something you don’t know where you’d tackle from. I don’t know how it will end up for me but I hope it will end well, and I got a lot more to go for this.

Songs by the Fray is lifting me up, telling me that their concert will close up for this stage of misery for me!

There are more Black and White photos on my blog now… not because I got a lousy camera, not because I use it for an excuse for bad photos. I like to keep photos simple that way, to tell a half told story.

Before I go back to misery.

Guess we could all use a little bit of music…

Guess we could all use a little bit of…

The Fray


John Mayer

Yes I am going for all three concerts!

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