The Government or the people

A persisting myth how could people be blaming the government for everything, or even the race. I do not think a chinese Prime Minister would do a good job, as I guess, he is just going to be smarter and more uncontrollably corrupt. Chinese did introduce corruption to this land.

I mean, giving 50 bucks for a traffic ticket, that is also, corruption, do not think it is a small thing, instead of letting government have 300, the offender actually just make 50 bucks go to the traffic police, considering how often it is happening in Malaysia and how often they have it solved under the table. Now whose fault it is? If there were no under-table-negotiations, corruption might not even start.

Yes, people say they run away from taxes, so the government cannot abuse as much but it is just going to make things worse. In the end, they are just a bunch of people hoping others to do them good and sit on asses waiting for welfare, fairness and political cleanliness. Government could be inefficient and all, they just could be. However, I do not think election is carried out for no reasons. Liberal system of Democracy had given we all a chance, to give those who are able to rule the country, not for us to vote for whoever won the last time. We had a choice, do not blame government, it is the voter's fault. I do think we should support rally and protest though, it is how we get our voices heard.

I think people are just too selfish to give up for a very trifle benefit for their own, for great good of people. It is harder than prisoner's dilemma, there is no "tit for tat". It is not a game. Humanity's end would just happen, for people do not know what is best for them. Perhaps communism arose because of that, even though it was carried out at an extreme that the people are STILL caring for their own good and reluctant to work hard.

Maybe, this is the equilibrium, not at the real balance but it just balances itself out, when people don't cooperate, nation would fall.

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