Proton BLM: New Saga??

This is the new Proton Saga which just opened for bookings. Pricing between 31.5k to 39.5k. Comes with airbags finally! It's like, how often do you see airbags in Proton?? Several studies had proven they work only in labs but not in real life though.

It comes with a pathetic spec of 155km/h top speed. Come on, 11 years old Iswara had gone 160 recently. With the specs, I have a bad feeling that it is not going to be fuel efficient. After our "erection", petrol prices would make us all park our Proton inside our house and wait for RapidKL at nearest bus stop. (They raised their bus fare too by the way)

I do not have faith in this new launch, who knows it is going to be like Savvy, currently pricing as low as 33.5k and most probably because of the faulty gearbox that most cars had sent for repair in a few months.

Had tried on a few Proton and compared to other cars, of course considering the condition in Malayisa. Protong is definitely not a thing you want to rely on when you drive frequently, be it expressway or suburbs. Without ABS and EBD like Japanese made cars, they just are going to suck so much.

If petrol price were to go higher by 40 to 70 cents, I would be happy because I do not get affected much and I see less cars on road! Finally a right thing done!

Indeed, very special.

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