Bon voyage

As what we expected to happen after purchasing the E200 Kompressor, finally it will be sold... tomorrow!

i was not expecting it to be sold so soon though... Just tomorrow, I cannot even say goodbye! It was not a great car anyway, as I revved it up the last time I got back as I knew it would be sold:P Not aggressive as I thought, even on floored pedals... Cars around me that time might think I wanted a race or something but I wasn't intending to:P

It served my family for three years and it is washed every 1 or 2 days! Hope it appreciates how much my mother cares about it! Happy mothers' day! Thanks for washing cars at home everyday mom:P

PS: How could I ever forget mentioning the small town mentality going around the town every now and then? Every time we send it for repair they will gleefully and hypocritically ask you if the car is gone for good. Just because they could not afford to have such car even if they work like dog till they die. Only thing they have is to defame people behind their back and that pretty much sums up why they are not having a better car, they spent too much time talking.

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