I hate soccer

Colloquially known as football or even "kah-giu"... I understand how uncommon it is to hear from a somebody with Y-Chromosome but I fell asleep the first time brother asked me to watch a game with him... There are many reasons:

1. It is 90 minutes long, it is not easy to find sports that last that long for sports.

2. The very rare goals just make me feel like dozing off. I like pool and snooker because every move gets the player closer to the objective but football it is just too hard to score and they could hit the poles and effort for the last 5 minutes will go into the drain.

3. They have the "off-side" rule, I know it makes the game fairer in some ways. Yet I think the game evolved to make whoever best as stealing the opportunity to go off-side uncaught will be the winner.

4. Referee is so important in soccer, most of the games I see, a referee could swing the game both ways. In most sports, referee could interfere very little as they are involved only when serious fouls are discovered.

5. Most of the time, the game is just fake. Just like WWE, teams are paid because they could profit so much from bettings... You have seen lousy teams winning in football, and only football.

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