Get outta my way

Tentatively speaking: Is it the white headgear atop your temple or the god of terrorists in you making you outta of your mind? Beat it.

For those who don't know, I had a road-trip to Malacca and recently I took a lot of pictures! And yeah, for the same reason I bought my 320GB external Hard Drive, I had to or I could not upload my pictures!

And yeah, even though the shopkeeper claimed that 320GB models are unstable, as if I would buy it, to me it is just their tactics to clear their 250GB models... People go that far just to get what they wantaye?

Days have been busy and today I'm going to try catching up with my lectures & tutorials which I have set aside long enough.

Longer update when I have more free time, again... As if people care reading:P

Who said money can't buy happiness, I could buy you a wedding ring and make you my wife.

Get well soon baby!

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