When damage is already done, I could be TRULY sorry

I have a mid-sem test and major assignment this friday to pass up... Guess its a long week, as many of you may have guessed, I'm having slight insomnia.

Worse thing next to death could be realising that death is already half way through, just like my Macroeconomics which is already 13/20 by now... Real sad stuff!

And I hate the student association from my Uni, bunch of fame-whores, douchebags. Actually fame-whore is the only reason why they stepped up... when Monash students are rather busy, they managed to sacrifice their time(which they disappear after election)! Little did they know the disruption they brought into classes especially those nearer to cafeteria :S They missed out that point, what are they going to do for students? Set up MORE booths and sing MORE?

Anybody knows how to manage paranoia? The repurcussions are way larger than I have imagined. It seems to be keeping me on a melancholy low, making me worrying about pointless stuff, continuously thinking and never stopping and MORE! Is it hormonal?

MSN is down... Is that why I can't fall asleep? Gmail is up :)

PS: I have coined two terms!
1. Being at people's beck and call devoid of ostensible relationship - Paying for installment.
2. Coupling with famous playboy (possibly whining afterwards) - Crossing roads during red light.

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