Why do I?

Tentatively speaking: is now sooo entertaining people have claimed to have successfully withdrawn from addiction to dramas!
I'm brought up in a house with no altars, no quotes from bible, I do not remember anyone praying, we are all Atheists except that we burn incense paper...

I've been curious about sciences since young, how stuff works, how could a paperboard hold a cup of water, why do we not have tail like moneys, yada yada... All they have ever told, have no mention about god.

My mum have seen a lot of Christians that are terrible, obviously that was disseminated within the family. Not to generalise but they do exist in where I lived.

All the while I only know my parents brought me up, it is kinda weird to know that your ancestor is actually a Caucasion like Adam? Dang, it feels like realising that I am an adopted child...

Currently listening to... Eve - Ladies. Yeah, it is an old song.

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