It is the day

Mei Mei's birthday bash celebration at Marco's Pizza :) where she slammed me being too disgusting as I ate too much.

Last night everybody was hyper because finaly assignments came to an end! Especially for me, there is no more assignments until next semester ;)

And last night I visited the Pool Hall nearby. I'd say I'm quite happy with where I am now... It is surprising how all sports have similar emphasis.

Oh wait, I seem to have forgotten my three tutorials today. Guess what? It's Malacca tonight!
Satay Celup!!!!


LEEONG said...

ewwww 8 slices

thank you didi hahahah

Anonymous said...

happy bird day ah ong!! xD


Anonymous said...

zomok lock your blog! lock xi mi lock! wahaha~

T|W said...

:< mei you gelik laaa
leeong emo lo you shi,hahaha