Caution: This post is highly arcane, read if you really have nothing more meaningful!

Speaking from what I have disregarded, I should put it that I am imbecile. How undemanding it is to come to realisation that I brought repercussion to your everyday. I was adamant about you transitioning to a normal person despite all extravagances you were privilleged before me. Reciprocrating is easier said than done, things are seen with dynamic discrepancies, with dynamic perspectives. If I were to mark a life-changing event, you would be the first person in the parade. Guilt hit me so hard when I realised what I have taken away from you. I shouldn't have. You just want to be happy, I should let you. I love you.

I still don't understand your affection towards my rusty old iswara though. Sentimental value perhaps?

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