Cell phones cancer link debunked
I guess this is happening on a global scale, scams. Whatever negative reports, studies and stuff, they are mold by jealous people. People drink coffee, company makes big bucks and someone wants to tell you caffeine is harmful. Same goes to alcohol, even the statistics for AIDS I don't buy it, it might be some religions against pre-maritial sex and they faked that.

Personally I know nobody who got lung cancer from smoking, nobody who had promiscuous lifestyle and got STD, nobody who drinks coffee and go cuckoo(I live in a place where people can have at least 2-3 coffee a day, they are still here). Amsterdam has rampant drug use and I see no problem occuring, alcohol were inspiration for chinese poets. What is wrong with all that?

Global warming and depleting petroleum? People are just envious of middle east countries and they want people to go to alternative energy sources, since the reports about depletion came from Europe and America instead of middle east, how did they know about their amount of crude oil btw? There are people who live on these scams, without them they are jobless

God bless America... as if nationality matted, bless America and let disaster befall Iraq?

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