Isn't christmas blasphemy?

Santa was created by men in hope that people would give them presents even when they don't bother buying for others.

Kingdom of heaven was one of the best movies I have ever seen, heavily underrated. I really want to go Jerusalem one day!
and no, it is not just because of the movie.

Me: Meko must be so lonely.
Sis: She used to have another xi tzu to play with, but it died in an accident.
Me: That reminds me... What was the name again?
Sis: Lucky.

Not exactly the best name...

I have heard over radio channels and idiotboxes about unhappy fiancee who renege on engagement and were asked to return the engagement. No matter how gentlemen-like they expect their ex-fiance to be, engagement ring being engagement ring, it shall be returned to the rightful owner as the engagement has been annulled.

Marriage is arcane. You be together with so and so because of love, yet marriage does not seem to be connected to love, but instead, an obligation

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