One-Third of Photoshoot

Attention: It goes without saying, my blog just got heavier because of the photos I uploaded onto.

It was a fine day, I went Skudai Drive-thru to meet up Zi Ying, Amanda, Sampson and Wen Qian for a photoshoot outing. Again, thank you everyone! Amanda who choreographed and snapped photos, Wen Qian who was the model, Sampson who brought everyone to the spot and Zi Ying who... okay, she held lenses for me.

We were stopped by a veil and a security checkpoint, puzzled as we were, until we were notified that the entrance for visitors has been suspended some 5 months ago... So decided to try our luck, in hope that we would see another beach. It turned out to be a very Malay kampung, and Malay Kelong. Fair enough for a photoshoot:) Outside the Kelong they had a Ramly Burger stall, inside we see five malays lazing with a guitar on a table.

While Amanda and Wen Qian headed for shooting, on the shaky Kelong, I hesitated for a little. Until ego grew five feet four and burned me inside out, no way that I am going to give in to a shaky Kelong! Without much thought, I went in with a 50mm prime. Albeit ideal for portraits, I was bound to one, if not little spot, I could not frame perfectly as I was restricted, seasides and beaches have volatile lighting, Wen Qian could not pose for two cameras, Amanda was in front of me too, so it was REALLY tough. Do have mercy on me and photos...

This time round the banner is a lil' special, it is a contribution by Elvn Thank you!

Here I present you the first installment of the day...

Guess RAW editing does wonder, it saved a lot of tears... and Amanda's style of shooting is REALLY different,
to be continued...

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