Which is why I don't like most Singaporeans

What? Were u one of those 'jakun' people who checks out every single bag a lady brings then label them as Fake?

For all we know, u dun even know the correct pronounciation of LV.

Coach is cheap to us Singaporeans lah ok?
It's only what? $300 - $400 for a small clutch?
That is like our pocket money back in school sia.

and Mind you, even students are having internet sprees for Coach items at coach.com.

Lots more people are buying Gucci, LV and Kate Spade here in SG.
It's a common sight already.
Unlike Kenny who thinks it's 'rare' sight.

At least we dun have a Petaling Street here, where one shop after another sells Fake Bags.
Every single day. Seriously no class sia.

If we go to KL and see a Malaysian wearing branded bags, confirm kena chop Fake, expecially if that person is wearing it with jeans folded at the hem, Big Tshirt (obviously to be worn at home only) and sandals.

Sungguh Typical Minah Malaysia!

One more thing,s'porean salegirls/mans are more polite & good in customer services,no matter you buy or not,it doesn't matter,that's why a lot customers Q-up,some just come for seeing only.NOT like in KL,when you enter the shop not buying anything the salegirls/mans face looks CAO-CAO like PANG SAI BEI CHUT!

A metropolitan city, could do better. We suck, stop reading Malaysian blogs. (Comments taken from Kennysia's innocent new post)

UPDATE*: I am as innocuous, this is posted before the Singapore Flyer epic, ostensibly I have nothing to do with it!

Also, well played! One of the posts where comments overshone the original content. Still, knowing the enunciation and policy of LV isn't... all... that... great...

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