Sixtyeight - 2 of 3

I startled myself when I realise how little I utilise horizontal portrait shots, while Amanda made many horizontal shots and get the model into the picture... She takes a few shots in a row and pick the best out of all, whereas I plan before shooting and take less shots. She prefers to pick the ideal emotion on subject in split seconds and I emphasise on composition more! I like impromtu shots when model is being just herself but she harnesses her choreography most of the time. It was truly interesting because of the differences in shooting style.

I see type I and type II photographers. Type I would whine about how sharp is the lens, how blur can the background get, even how "creamy" the blur is, as long as the picture is orthodox they would take it, only employ rule of third, stubborn on exposure, boring in a way that no creativity is appreciated, often reject silhouette shots!

Type II sees photography more of an art instead of mastering of camera, more creativity, cares about the feeling of the picture, sees the story behind, gives little about gear and instead make use of whatever available, gut feel photographers.
Unlike in part one, this time with a 50mm prime I get to move around easily to get different shots, external flash was a good idea throughout the day. I missed a couple of minutes while running back to my notebook and upload from my full CF card though. While fiddling with my flash I got an interesting "overexposure" which I actually liked the most! I didn't see the point in blurring the background, especially when background is useful to photo.

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