I have lost faith in mankind!!!

hongster said:
hello rmb me?
so u find ur place?
think u afk anyway good luck and all the best
can contact me if u need any assist there? i ll be back there in the end of the month

*I was sceptical… How would someone suddenly sound so nice to you…*

TW said:
haha i found d place thank u
hongster says:

u thre dy?
TW says:
o u mean melb
2 days more
hongster says:
wah quite early also

*Apparently out of words!*

TW says:
gota register,sigh,duwna face th heat
hongster says:
dont wry wont be too hot there
depends the weather change all the time
hot in day time and freeze at night
hey how u look for a place , through online?

* Oh! I see a U-turn sign!*

TW says:
hongster says:
err, wanna look for place soon
normally i look when i got there but wanna look for new one b4 i got there

*Yeah, out with it already, why not start talking with something like "Hey, need ur help but dont look at me that way.*

TW says:
u looking for place too??
hongster says:
so do u need to submit any application ?
yea planning to search soon
contract ending soon

TW says:
i just looked around
hongster says:
oh yea tats wat i did also
then u just hand in the application online?

*Of course you did that, that was your only precious help when I was in need of a place, you gave me a damn link, you have saved the village!*

TW says:
make sure u attach a lot of credentials so they wont think u r some kinda sloppy person,haha
what i did was attaching all documents i could get
hongster says:
through email?

TW says:

*TW heads to confession box as he lied about the part about attaching credentials, and wonders if he were acting in name of karma.*

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