Did you know: Weather goes 0 to 100 in 3.52 seconds in Melbourne

Comics historian Bradford W. Wright described Rorschach’s world view "a set of black-and-white values that take many shapes but never mix into shades of gray, similar to the ink blot tests of his namesake".

I really didn’t think Watchmen sucked, it was in fact one of the best movies I have ever seen. Well, I don’t expect others to watch it bee-tee-double-you. A tight slap in my face wanted, I spent my day lingering in the city instead of studying. I realised something though, I realised I’ve became so indifferent about many things, I think disappointment knocked on my door one too many times that I refuse to hold onto anything. I realised I’m boring too, yes, not bored, it IS boring.

And remember how I said about I'm indifferent? I think switching off lights are not going to help much, and the organisers should have heeded people to save energy at all possible times... Not that it expires in an hour time? Is he into vintage??

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