MAKE-UP post

Ballarat post, if people happen to still remember, it wasn’t up early because most of them aren’t great shots.

It wasn’t very different from any other wildlife parks in Australia, but I guess just looking at the animals made everything better.

The first thought of going on a trip organised by OCF was kinda uneasy, imagine going such a place with people you don’t really know, but I guess my woes went away as soon as we adjourned.

It can’t go any better:)


I went for jogging again, after who knows how long. Basking in the evening sun, getting all the fresh air, I’d say nothing beats good weather and it is proportionate to my mood!

It’s just a day after a good jog I’d lie down on the field and look into sky, seeing nothing but blue sky, and it was my first time knowing I could see nothing with eyes wide open.

Last Saturday we went North Melbourne for breakfast, the thought of going so far for breakfast perhaps isn’t easily understood but…

Just look at the food!

and flat white is my new favourite.

Yeah, I forgot the name of the place.

Now I have to enjoy working on accounts that don’t make sense to me.


VanityTreasure said...

Ah... The food pics make me SO HUNGRY!! Yummy yummy~ :)


TW said...

hahah, i feel the same when i look at it again too, and they are not ridiculously priced!