Caffeinic Anonymous

How amazing doing stuff you love, you just don’t mind doing it at all. I really believe swine flu isn't as bad, it could even be a new experiences that opens up new possibilities. Being so near to death, I'm pretty sure you'd see something new... I have to disagree with the idea of staying home, it doesn't need a degree in exploratory mathematics or a monte carlo analysis to know that, swine flu isn't the only cause of death in the world. Who needs to be scared when so many people make precaution when world is in fear? To conquer fear we need to face it, remember how easy it was to fly? After 911 everything got so much more troublesome, every 3 years we get an epidemic, it is just the media having nothing much to write, soon seventeen magazines would come with free sanitizers??

The case fatality rate (CFR) of the pandemic strain is estimated at 0.4% (range 0.3%-1.8%) (Christophe, 2009). That's like the chance of worrying at home and getting thyroid storm.

Below is a link to REAL transformer story:

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