What I do best?

I always thought I’m a good-for-nothing. There are things that I have an edge over others, there are things that I am more gifted. Of course, I’m always at the rock bottom for sports, directions, drawing or even video games! Usually I just lose out and gets out of the picture after some time.

Now I know what I do best, I think I know how to enjoy life better than others. This is not because I have the most jammed up winter holiday plans. There are a lot of people who conform to the pattern of this world, like the Romans told us not to. The people are doing things they don’t enjoy doing, just for the sake of following. I’m always the odd one out of a group, I stand up for my own belief and have things at my own vision.

I picked up a hobby out of nowhere, I started liking places I have never been to, I enjoyed falling in love with city, started my street photography before I even realise it is common.

I don’t produce the most unique or artistic photo, but I do see a lack of wedding photographers, not in numbers. They seem to be doing same shots to people, if I were to take out their shots about wine glasses, flower bouquet, hung wedding grown and ring. I don’t think there would even be pictures. They.are.just.the.same.


Eugene said...

i'm sure God made you special in your own unique way. i think i find myself being out of place more often than not too. =/

TW said...

hahaha,but finding out that you are good at "enjoying" isntrly flattering for me!!