Want to take photos of lightning

I don't get it at all. I have no fate with roaming. Upteen visits to Singapore, I don't have roaming service. Even to Thailand, and now in Auckland, I get NADA!

Auckland have been good to me. Despite how it is generally colder than Australia, it have been pretty warm, even warmer than Melbourne! Which I doubt Wei Xiong would get...

Been having some satisfying pictures but I'm no good with the lens I have... I'm guessing I should go Europe one day, on top of uncle in London who can provide me a place to stay, Stuart who is providing me place to stay now told me if one day i drop by Scottland he got more than 20 phone numbers of nice people who would put me at their place happily! I really shouldn't miss out Wales and Scottland like most people did, go to London and miss out other parts of UK. With all due respect, is plain foolish.

The city wasn't anything like Melbourne, I like Melbourne as a city better but the people in Melbourne are really nothing compared to people here. Melbourne people are nice and friendly, nothing wrong with that but everyone in Auckland seem like friends! They are really really nice people I'm staying with... Except when a twelve year old got worried about me not being home after eight, whilst I am twenty... And being praised for haivng good command in English, just because I laughed over two white man on TV show talking for one and half hour.

There are a lot things I learnt and saw here. So, caucasians actually talk to Asians? Just not Melbourne... I realised, why would you need money to be happy? I know better to savour every moment of life.

OMG I got so many places I want to go now! Europe is probably too expensive for now, I'm looking into Bangkok, road trip up to Nahkon-Sawan(not sure if I spelled it right, it is not even a tourist location), maybe up to Vietnam. Anyone??

Sorry to bore everyone with no pictures, I took quite some but hogging on my Bree's laptop for now, not the best thing to do to upload pics here.

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