Not a day to celebrate

An egg I was cooking the other, inspired by Eugene Tong.

I just came out from a bad day… considering it is past 12 o’clock. Had to walk in rain for 15 minutes just to catch the bus to Uni. As you might have guessed, the rain subsided once I got to the bus stop. I could have skipped them but I felt like crap skipping too many times a week.

Got back my assignment graded N, 47,  for the first time in life, despite how my key points are the same as my friends who did well.

Not to mention getting almost nothing out of tutorials, had my last class ending earlier, rejoiced. Just to realise that I validated my train ticket a little bit too early and hence my ticket doesn’t last for the rest of the day.

Got to the venue after a bit of clumsiness as usual, waited for Juwita but she did not sing “Breathe again”

Bought another ticket, just to lose it.

Flipped through the newspaper and found out there are Indians being beaten in Melbourne and an Indian taxi driver being stabbed by demented AIDS carrier.

The last point is not related to this post.


Anonymous said...

It looks like a guitar!!! Awesomest shot ever. You should deviantart it.

TW said...

thanks ellejay! my editing doesnt go well with deviantart, i guess,hahah

Lin said...

btw.. is eu jin THONG.. not TONG..

TW said...

really? i din know who it was:P