A dollar’s wager

A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow, given that tomorrow is not a massive blackhole that consumes everything.

Been going through quite a funny period really. The great chase of my level 2 exam came to an end, like finally. My PR application date is set in stones and company is already processing my letter. Everything I’ve been working on seem to have came to a hiatus, hopefully not a long one.

I realised that once we are used to working on stuff, we have it engraved in our instincts without knowing it. At the very end of this, have we all became Oxes of the new era? It almost feels like they no longer plough the land, all because we are doing those by our very own.

I’ve been thinking so much lately, most probably because of the massive amounts of old films revisited and books that I’ve been bragging about. I really have lost the idea why we are working so hard and not knowing what to expect. Just lately I started reading the book on Risk Management again, and it says that we do not take risks if we do not think we will succeed. It is counterintuitive, that while we know there are chances of failure or undesirable outcome, we more often than not decide on the decision based on our dreamy outcome.

But if that is the case, why am I a working class saving hard and trying to secure a better future. Especially when the risk I am undertaking leads me to a place literally no man had ever been to?

It seems like we want to make the right choices everyday, but we can’t do so with great certainty, despite how much we want.

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Anonymous said...

there is always an opportunity cost to everything.=)