The end to the beginning

My paper is finally over and now I can be like a normal working person, it could be half as bad but at least I get some form of control back of my life!

All the photos in my harddrive are just staring at me knowing one day they’d be forgotten and I wouldn’t even know when to post them.

I do really hope I know how to get my life balance back as soon as possible. Honestly I do not even know how many kilometers I can run as of now, the last attempt was 4 months ago, and I seriously doubt I brought my camera with me anytime during that 4 month period.

Time really does fly and being in the workforce is something still very fresh to me, I think I am still on the right track figuring out what other things I should be involved in to add value to society, and not be focusing just on my paycheck.

Oh wait, I’m just as ready to do my paper!

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