Just another day back

Another Sunway Pyramid trip... nothing special but just wanted to share some pictures. Still fiddling with it!

This is where we were after exiting from carpark! Immediately we drew out our cameras and tried to capture every single thing we see:P
Very cool picture of Samantha:P You don't have to thank me!

Bokeh isn't the only thing I do... Photography would really be boring if only that is achieved EVERYTIME
I liked this actually...
And yeah, bokeh again
What does a one-piece dress remind you off?
What you will do when you are stuck with books and a dSLR really does get people nearby scratch their head

Dunkin donuts are so dead but they are not closing down...

I saw a faint image of earth, what do you see?

At 6 bucks... I'm too broke for that at the moment, or any moment!
She does not look local to me... Don't really know why is she here. I think she was showing the "Why are you rich enough to purchase a camera yet reluctant to donate?"

Some might say I'm too stingy and stand on her said saying she was right. Well, I just saw a beggar holding a crutch but does not really rely on it. How am I going to trust them anymore? How much does the donation actually goes to needy?? Too many selfish people I have seen around here... Disheartening people...

Sweet colour I have here!
Silhouetted M, rightfully at Macca's Drive-thru SS15


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